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How can I place my RSS feed in iTunes?



You can create iTunes feed from the Podcast and RSS Feeds application within your administrative website.
Formatting Your Feed
Your feed needs to be formatted appropriately for iTunes.  Set up your RSS feed as normal.  Then, for each of your feeds,

  • Ensure that your Author field contains the e-mail address of the author, followed by the name of the author in parentheses.
  • Make sure your date is in the compliant format as follows:
    Sun, 2008 Jun 1 10:30:00
    This will ensure that the date will feed properly into the Release Date in iTunes.

Copying into iTunes
Once you have all your feeds properly formatted and loaded, click on the RSS Podcast icon on the top of the screen to open your feed.

  • Copy the URL for your feed to the clipboard.
  • Open iTunes.  Go to Advanced >> Subscribe to Podcast.  When the subscribe box opens, paste the RSS feed from your clipboard.  Click OK.  This will automatically begin loading your feeds from your Podcast and RSS Feeds application.  To see all your feeds, click on the arrow next to your feed name in iTunes.

Creating a link directly to your iTunes feed
You can help your visitors link directly to your iTunes feed from your site.  To create a link directly to your iTunes feed, replace the 'http' at the beginning of your RSS feed URL with 'itpc'.

For Example: the original URL changes from 
     http ://[YourDomainName]/RSS/RSS.asp?i=5264


Paste this link onto a page in your website.  When a visitor clicks on the itpc link, iTunes will automatically open and search for your feed to update their iTunes.